«Learners with entrepreneurial skills know what their employers do and what responsibilities they assume.»
Der Entrepreneurship Summit vom 2. Juni ist ein Vor-Event des Youth Start  Award (YSA)
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The Entrepreneurship Summit on 2 June is a pre-event of the Youth Start Award (YSA)
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The program - 2nd June - 4th June 2022

Day 1 – Thursday, 2nd of June 2022

12:30 h

Welcome Lunch

14:00 h

Afternoon Program

Be part of an exceptional experience and choose between one of our three workshops:

  • Rhythm Circle Workshop
    Find your rhythm and feel the beat, performed by Nobi Lehmann
  • “Hornussen” (Swiss Sport)
    do something you never did before, feel like a real swiss!
  • IPFO: Photo course
    a picture says more than 1000 words, performed by Remo Buess

Which program do you choose? Let us know with your application.

18:00 h


20:00 h


Day 2 – Friday, 3th of June 2022

07:00 h


08:30 h


09:00 h
  • Group Presentations (Pitches)
    The young people are presenting at their given timeslots their business / ideas to a panel of judges.
  • Group Workshops
    Hydrospider AG We produce the fuel of tomorrow
    Kalte Lust AG A look behind the scenes at Ice Cream production
    CST: City logistics, sustainability – innovative logistics project , goods under the ground
  • Exhibition (Market Place)
19:00 h
  • Award Ceremony & Farewell Dinner
  • Keynote by Dr. Remo Ankli (Member of Gouvernment Council)
  • Party ;)

Day 3 – Saturday, 4th of June 2022

Visiting Tour

The Saturday program is optional. Please indicate on the registration form whether you are attending or not.

09:00 - 12:00 h

Visit the Robotic Systems Lab at ETH Zurich

The Robotic Systems Lab investigates the development of machines and their intelligence to operate in rough and challenging environments. With a large focus on robots with arms and legs, its research includes novel actuation methods for advanced dynamic interaction, innovative designs for increased system mobility and versatility, and new control and optimization algorithms for locomotion and manipulation. In search of clever solutions, it takes inspiration from humans and animals with the goal to improve the skills and autonomy of complex robotic systems to make them applicable in various real-​world scenarios. Have a look into a new world.

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