«Learners with entrepreneurial skills know what their employers do and what responsibilities they assume.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting opens up new possibilities and perspectives for students’ professional career.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting strengthens students’ self-efficacy.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting enables students to positively shape their world and change it.»

Network partners and sponsors

The following organizations and individuals are involved in the current pilot project as part of an «accompanying group»:
  • The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, Toni Messner, Head of the Vocational Education and Training Department
  • The Swiss Conference of Vocational and Professional Education and Training Offices SBBK, Daniel Preckel, Development for School-based Vocational and Professional Education and Training
  • Swiss Conference of Directors of Vocational Schools SDK-CSD, Georg Berger (President)
  • Swiss Trade Association, Christine Davatz (Vice Director)
  • Swiss Employers' Association, Nicole Meier (Member of the Executive Board, Head of Education and Vocational Training)
  • Swiss Federation of Trade Unions SGB
  • SwissSkills, contact via SDK
  • Foundation éducation21


Youth Start (YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Network) is a network of for the promotion of young people thinking and acting entrepreneurially. The network includes (currently) 16 partner organizations all over Europe  www.youthstart.network