«Learners with entrepreneurial skills know what their employers do and what responsibilities they assume.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting opens up new possibilities and perspectives for students’ professional career.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting strengthens students’ self-efficacy.»
«Entrepreneurial thinking and acting enables students to positively shape their world and change it.»


The website for students and teachers
The website is under construction and will be launched in spring 2021

We focus on action orientation, experiential learning, and working on one's own project to encourage the development and strengthening of personal initiative and self-efficacy. The teaching-learning concept myidea.ch is composed of the following building blocks:

  1. Working on one's own business idea: Over the duration of the program, learners work in groups of two or three on their own entrepreneurial idea. More...
  2. Consistent interweaving of knowledge and skills acquisition and application: At each step, the knowledge and skills acquired are applied directly to the students’ own business idea. More...
  3. The topic of «failure» as a central element: We developed authentic case studies relating to the most important reasons for failure (e.g., team conflicts, liquidity problems, lack of unique selling proposition), which take either a positive or a negative turn. More...
  4. Meeting entrepreneurs: We recommend that teachers implementing the project provide learners with encounters with entrepreneurs, e.g., through guest lectures, visiting start-up companies, having learners interview founders, or having them choosing entrepreneurs as mentors.